Tinkerbell Afghan

Hi everyone!

I’m loving my new software so much that I decided to give you guys a bonus early graph! This is the first time I’ve done an afghan that’s all in one graph.  It’s 100×140 and was designed to fit a twin size bed with some overhand.  If your gauge is a little too large, you can take off some of the columns on the left and right, as well as some rows on the top and bottom.

I figured the number of squares based on the gauge on Red Heart’s website – I (5.5mm) hook and 6 C2C blocks x 6 rows = 4″.   Note: this graph should be used for standard C2C, not mini C2C. I included the formula for determining the amount of yarn you’ll need as well.


You can find the PDF of the written directions here:  Tinkerbell Written Directions PDF

The written directions indicate the number of stitches in each row as well as the direction you should be working in.

Let me know if there are any issues or questions that you have!

Enjoy and happy crocheting!





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