Tiny, Shiny, and Don

Hi guys,

Here’s our next Dinosaur Train graph – Tiny, Shiny, and Don!  These three are pretty much inseparable on the show, so I figured they should be represented in one graph.  This was actually pretty tough to accomplish, as there aren’t many photos of just the three of them to go off of. [Read: there wasn’t a single photo, so I cropped three separate photos and combined the characters that way]

The colors of this graph are supposed to be pretty close together, so it was tough getting them to show up well in Excel.  Tiny and Don are not the same color in the show, but you could make them that way if you chose.  Their stomachs are meant to be a lighter shade of green than their skin, with a darker green on the wings.  Shiny’s stomach (in the show) is actually a kind of yellow-green, but it looked nicer on the graph to make it a light turquoise instead.  Use whichever combination of colors seems right to you.

I went with a gray background because it made the colors of the characters easier to see on the graph, but I bet a nice brown would work nicely as well.



Hey guys, me again.  I was looking back on this graph and decided I wasn’t fully satisfied with it, so I am posting an updated graph.


I feel that this simpler graph will fit in better with the other graphs and the black outline helps the characters stand out a bit better.

Which graph do you prefer?

Enjoy and happy crocheting!



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