The Flinstone Pets

Hi guys, me again!

Whew, I had way more time on my hands today than I anticipated. Luckily, that means the final Flintstones series graph is complete!

I decided to include Hoppy (the Rubbles’ pet) as well as Dino.  I wanted to show the playful side of both – what do you guys think?

FS Pets

And this is the finished product when you put all the graphs together!

I specifically designed it so the two families would seem to be looking at each other.  Bamm-Bamm seems to be reaching into the neighboring square towards Pebbles, and Fred seems to be looking at Barney.

As I am not physically making these squares myself, I would love to see pictures of anyone who does 🙂

Next up, I’ll be working simultaneously on two series of graphs – The Jungle Book (original movie characters) and the Land Before Time.

Enjoy and happy crocheting!




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