The Flinstone Family

Hi everyone!

After much re-doing and indecision, here is the Flintstone family!

I chose not to put Wilma in her signature white dress because it was much harder to graph clearly. It was also harder to choose a background color that wouldn’t wash out the white dress or clash with the brightness of the other colors.  I chose a darker background color for this graph because the bright colors of the characters clashed too much with a brighter color (for my taste!  Some people may prefer a bright background.)

When you make this graph, make sure you have three different skin colors available – a dark-ish tone for the outline around the bodies, a middle tone for the “shadow” area around Fred’s mouth, and then a light tone for the rest of the skin.  If you can’t find that many different shades, you can make the shadow area around Fred’s mouth the same as the rest of his skin with no huge difference to the overall appearance of the graph. I also chose to make Wilma and Pebbles with different shades of red hair, but you could easily make them the same if you want.


FS Family

Next up: the Rubble family – Barney, Betty, and Bamm-Bamm!

Enjoy and happy crocheting!


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